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Our team has built complex Retail Planning & Optimization solutions for some of the world’s leading retailers for 15+ years.  Dataviva was born out of our desire to radically rethink how such systems are developed and deployed.  Our platform was designed from the ground up on the core value of delivering rapid and quantifiable benefit to our clients.  Our solutions are cloud-first but can easily be deployed on premise, scaling both up and down.

Our demand forecasting, supply chain, assortment and pricing solutions are each best-in-class but they can also be split up into microservices, deployed as point solutions or remixed into powerful integrated planning workflows. We enable our clients to solve business problems now, quickly and iteratively, without getting stuck in years-long implementations.

We guarantee our results

We have deployed complex solutions for some of the world’s biggest and most advanced retailers. But we know that retailers can no longer afford to spend years in ‘transformation’ projects with uncertain results. We designed our technology and our delivery structure around delivering benefit to our clients and minimizing their risk: we will build business cases and proofs-of-value with you to prove solution benefit and we’re confident enough to take on success-fee based projects.

Why Us

Some of the problems we can solve

Let Dataviva plug in to your SCM system and decide on the best supplier per e-commerce order and the entire fulfillment path to meet your KPIs

Dataviva can plug in to your supply chain and warehouse systems to automatically handle disruptions in the most cost-efficient way

Optimize your prices in real-time, per channel and location based on any number of real-time inputs, from competitive prices to inventory levels

Evaluate promotion performance in real-time; adapt promo mechanics, price or stock flows when you need to

Evaluate new items automatically and get optimized assortment width recommendations for any assortment planning system

Our Solutions

Supply Chain

Modular, full-network Supply Chain Planning suite of applications that continuously self-optimize and can react autonomously to external events


Demand Forecasting

Our demand-pattern recognition technology guarantees reliable forecasts for any product, channel or location, regardless of its demand history


Price & Promotion

Deployed as an integrated workflow, our suite includes dynamic price automation, regular and promo price optimization, promo planning and markdown optimization


Merchandise & Assortment

A full suite of merchandise and assortment planning solutions to be deployed standalone or mixed in to any other planning workflow


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