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Dataviva enables faster planning decisions than ever before, with AI built-in throughout and seamless integration with your existing systems. Our real-time, live planning platform continuously updates plans and AI recommendations for the entire planning team at once. 

Our predictive and optimization AI is built from the ground up on analyzing consumer demand using product and channel attributes: we provide automated forecasting of new products, assortment optimization and best-in-class forecasting for highly seasonal or low-volume products. Dataviva has the world’s only low code, real time, extensible planning platform that eliminates manual updates, batch cycles and painful integration projects. Our team has built complex supply chain planning and optimization solutions for some of the world’s leading companies for 15+ years.

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We have deployed complex solutions for some of the world’s biggest and most advanced retailers and manufacturers. We know that, especially now, retailers and manufacturers can no longer afford to spend years in ‘transformation’ projects with uncertain results.

Our solutions can deliver more than 10x annual ROI and we’re confident enough to guarantee our results.

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Some of the problems
We can solve


Automated Size Curves

Automated Size Curves, Merchandise & Assortment

Calculating accurate size profiles is crucial for fashion retailers when making new assortment decisions, ordering stock from suppliers and executing initial allocations. All too often this is a manual process, prone to errors and infrequently updated. The Dataviva Automated Size Curves application has advanced heuristics and AI algorithms to massively automate…


Optimize Sourcing & Ordering

Procurement Optimization, Supply Chain

Shipment damage/loss, late deliveries, uncontrolled spending, price volatility are just a few of the challenges that retailers come across when managing procurement. Dataviva Procurement Optimization solution optimizes sourcing decisions based on supplier track record and market outlook, generating a procurement plan that maximizes buying ROI…


Automated Price Changes

Price Automation, Price & Promotion

Price changes are hard to manage and align with overall corporate strategies, forcing retailers to manage prices at too-high levels, potentially losing margin and/or too infrequently, potentially losing sales to the competition. Dataviva Price Automation integrates rule-based pricing, price optimization and our real-time capabilities to dynamically manage pricing…


Manage Disruptions or Reduce Waste

Autonomous Inventory Optimization, Supply Chain

Modern supply chains struggle to respond to rapid changes in demand and sourcing disruptions resulting in lost revenue and underperforming service level, especially for perishable and sensitive products such as fresh food. Autonomous Inventory Optimization integrates real-time data from operations and responds autonomously…

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Our Solutions

Merchandise & Assortment

The Dataviva Merchandise & Assortment suite brings together advanced analytics and cutting-edge ML tools such as automated new item forecasting, automated assortment recommendations, automated item ranking, optimized size profiling, optimized store clustering into a flexible, multi-role planning workflow.

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Supply Chain

Our Supply Chain solutions improve availability and turnover using optimized replenishment strategy recommendations throughout the entire supply chain; We deploy high-performance, modular and autonomous processes that continuously optimize all supply chain flows, for both short-lifecycle and hardline retailers and manufacturers.

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Demand Forecasting

A powerful suite of Demand Forecasting tools built specifically for the toughest consumer demand forecasting problems. Our demand-pattern recognition engine guarantees reliable forecasts for any product, channel or location, regardless of its demand history.

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Price & Promotion

Our Price & Promotion suite can help retailers manage price strategically at high level and deploy optimization for the products that need it.  It leverages our real-time, event-driven platform to adjust prices dynamically as well as analyze the effects of running promotions, allowing retailers to adjust tactics and maximize ROI as soon as needed.

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Our News

dataviva dataviva

Harding+ and Dataviva complete project to implement Improved Demand Forecast & Inventory Planning

forecasting, inventory planning, retail

11 January 2024 Leading global cruise retailer Harding+ and next gen planning platform provider Dataviva have announced the successful completion of a complex supply chain planning project to upgrade Harding+ forecasting and replenishment capabilities. Through increased automation, accuracy, and process alignment, Harding+ and Dataviva aim to bring significant improvements to the planning and execution process…

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Speed and Value. No Buzzwords.

Today, we at Dataviva are launching our full suite of Planning, Optimization and Supply Chain solutions developed with retailers and for retailers of all sizes and all verticals from grocery and pharma to fashion and electronics. What’s different about Dataviva?

dataviva dataviva

Efficient and Resilient Supply Chains for Everyone

Retail Solutions, Supply Chain

For the past twenty years, I have designed, configured and deployed supply chain planning systems for very large retailers. Recently, more and more companies from other industries would reach out and ask for help. Companies of all shapes and sizes have been asking for more efficient and more resilient supply chains.