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Why Us

Why Choose Dataviva?

Speed and Value. No Buzzwords.

We built our technology and our company on the core value of delivering benefit to our clients as quickly as possible and driving the highest ROI achievable. Yes, we have developed cutting-edge machine learning algorithms –for example, our New Product Forecasting capability is unique in the industry and proven at multiple retailers— but we choose ease of adoption and long-term ROI over the latest buzzword.

We Solve Problems.

Not Create Them. Our software was designed to be modular and adaptive in every sense of the word: our solutions can be simplified to improve a single business process or several; all application logic can be customized to fit your needs but also survives upgrades; we can swap out base technology layers for simpler, cheaper alternatives to fit your budget; we designed for the cloud but we’re happy to install on-premise.

We Guarantee Our Results.

Our team was forged in delivering solutions for some of the world’s largest retailers and for high-growth companies in challenging emerging markets. We understand that our clients expect benefit with the lowest possible risk and we’re confident we can deliver: we’ll build business cases and proofs-of-value with you to prove solution benefit and we’re confident enough to take on success-fee based projects.