Why Us

Why Choose Dataviva?


Faster Planning Decisions

We built Dataviva to enable faster planning decisions than ever before. Our live planning platform keeps plans always up to date between team members, AI models and external systems. Dataviva can point planners to what they should focus on next, why and how best to proactively manage reality vs the plan. And each decision and recommendation is backed by best-in-breed AI and data science.


Smarter Predictions

Our best-of-breed AI automatically detects consumer preferences. We provide automated new product forecasting without the need for picking like items; we can forecast short-lifecycle, highly-seasonal and low-volume items without the need for human experts. And our platform can be easily extended with any third-party data science.


We Guarantee Our Results

Our team was forged in delivering solutions for some of the world’s largest firms and for high-growth companies in challenging emerging markets. We understand that our clients expect benefit with the lowest possible risk and we’re confident we can deliver: we’ll build business cases with you to prove solution benefit, let you evaluate the solutions with no long-term commitment and we’re confident enough to take on success-fee based projects.