Price & Promotion

Managing price throughout the product lifecycle is key to maintaining profitability in an increasingly competitive retail environment. Our unified suite of Price & Promotion applications can meet the needs of both short-lifecycle and hardline retailers.  By combining our best-of-breed Price Optimization engine with a very flexible Price Automation and Promotion Planning framework, Dataviva can help retailers manage price strategically at high level and deploy optimization for the products that need it.  Dataviva Price & Promotion leverages our real-time, event-driven platform to adjust prices dynamically as well as analyze the effects of running promotions, allowing retailers to adjust tactics and maximize ROI as soon as needed.

Dataviva continuously monitors product performance and can prompt users to take actions when and where needed or act autonomously to reduce business team workload.


Increase Sales


Decrease Markdowns


Reduce Over Stocks


Reduce Decision Time



Price Automation

Manage Pricing Strategies at a high level using a set of comprehensive pricing rules applied to individual products based on attributes and calculated product behaviors. Audit all pricing decisions through transparent automation auditing. Leverage our AI engine to continually analyze strategies and receive recommendations for improvements.


Price Optimization

Optimize regular and promotional prices for any given KPI or target, while at the same time observe multiple pricing constraints set at any level and across any combination of attributes. Change priorities, targets and constraints at any time enabling tactical what-if scenario calculations.


Promotion Planning

Analyze promotional campaign goals and receive item recommendations for inclusion, irrespective of whether a history of promotions exists for every specified item. All strategic and regulatory pricing constraints are respected, and supplier contribution calculations are factored into promotional margin calculations. Full what-if capability coupled with real-time updates means accurate promotional effectiveness analysis can be carried out at any time.


Promotional Demand Optimization

Leverage retail-specific algorithms to isolate promotion effects, predict too-long and too-short promotion events and reflect inter-product relationships such as halo or cannibalization. Our demand-pattern detection engine produces accurate forecasts even when a promotion was never seen in the past, letting you build and test optimal promotional and pricing strategies.


Markdown Optimization

Receive optimal markdown timing and depth recommendations using strategies and constraints set at any level using a flexible, dynamic approach. Markdowns are optimized for any KPI including store-level sell-through, powered by our Supply Chain capabilities.