Some of the problems we can solve


Plan your New Product Promotions Automatically

Promotion Planning & Optimization, Demand Forecasting

Planning promotions typically involves data from several external systems and multiple teams within the organization as well as frequent updates while the promotion is running. Dataviva Promotion Planning offers a powerful, low-code workflow that can adapt to any marketing, inventory and supplier collaboration process while predicting…


Reduce Working Capital & Inventory

Strategy Optimization, Supply Chain

Retailers struggle with increased operational complexity end up with longer lead times and higher demand variability. Replacing SCP systems often takes years and requires massive organizational change. Dataviva Strategy Optimization leverages item and location attributes and assigns an individualized Item/Location replenishment strategy that…


Forecast New Products & Channels Automatically

New Product & Channel Forecasting, Demand Forecasting

New product introduction, new store or channel openings and assortment changes are common headaches in retail and FMCG forecasting. Dataviva Demand Forecasting uses machine learning and statistical approaches to recognize demand patterns based on item and location attributes without the need for users to pick historical items…


Reduce E-commerce Fulfillment Costs

Fulfillment Optimization, Supply Chain

Omnichannel supply chains offer a variety of fulfillment options: Product flow-paths involve suppliers, factories, distribution centers, trans-shipment hubs, stores, and several last-mile delivery options. Dataviva Fulfilment Optimization uses proven AI to provide real-time, optimized recommendations of product-flow paths that…


Optimize your Assortment Quicker

Assortment Optimization, Merchandise & Assortment

Retailers have been facing rapidly shifting demand to different channels and products; traditional assortment processes are too manual and slow to react. Dataviva Assortment Optimization uses our automated new-item forecasting capability to build optimized assortment recommendations that account for cannibalization, space and …


Manage Disruptions or Reduce Waste

Autonomous Inventory Optimization, Supply Chain

Modern supply chains struggle to respond to rapid changes in demand and sourcing disruptions resulting in lost revenue and underperforming service level, especially for perishable and sensitive products such as fresh food. Autonomous Inventory Optimization integrates real-time data from operations and responds autonomously…


Automated Price Changes

Price Automation, Price & Promotion

Price changes are hard to manage and align with overall corporate strategies, forcing retailers to manage prices at too-high levels, potentially losing margin and/or too infrequently, potentially losing sales to the competition. Dataviva Price Automation integrates rule-based pricing, price optimization and our real-time capabilities to dynamically manage pricing…


Optimize Sourcing & Ordering

Procurement Optimization, Supply Chain

Shipment damage/loss, late deliveries, uncontrolled spending, price volatility are just a few of the challenges that retailers come across when managing procurement. Dataviva Procurement Optimization solution optimizes sourcing decisions based on supplier track record and market outlook, generating a procurement plan that maximizes buying ROI…


Automated Size Curves

Automated Size Curves, Merchandise & Assortment

Calculating accurate size profiles is crucial for fashion retailers when making new assortment decisions, ordering stock from suppliers and executing initial allocations. All too often this is a manual process, prone to errors and infrequently updated. The Dataviva Automated Size Curves application has advanced heuristics and AI algorithms to massively automate…