Merchandise & Assortment

Creating and maintaining robust merchandise financial plans and customer centric assortments has been every retailer’s Holy Grail, and forms one of the core functions of a retail organization. But with the arrival of fast fashion, omnichannel commerce, competition that is fiercer than ever, and inventory lifecycles that are continually contracting, traditional ‘seasonal’ time frames and planning cycles no longer apply. Delivering accurate plans, quickly and easily, requires a new approach and new technologies.

Dataviva’s Merchandising & Assortment suite brings together advanced analytics and cutting-edge ML tools such as automated new item forecasting, automated assortment recommendations, automated item ranking, optimized size profiling, optimized store clustering and many more capabilities to streamline all of the key steps in the Assortment planning process whether for fashion and short-lifecycle retailers or the grocery and hard line business.


Increase Sales


Increase Margin


Reduce Over Stocks


Reduce Decision Time



Merchandise Financial Planning

Work in a flexible and easy-to-use workflow built for omnichannel commerce and fast assortment cycles that lets you produce rolling financial plans across all active points of commerce. Seamless integration ensures that enterprise-wide strategic goals are shared with all other planning solutions and execution systems.


Assortment Planning

Use a visual end-to-end workflow that combines advanced clustering and attribute-level assortment analysis to help create a truly customer-focused Assortment Strategy. Get automated recommendations for the optimal number of choices across all points of commerce. Send buy quantities and product distribution plans directly into purchase order and allocation systems to deliver localized customer-focused assortments.


Category Management

Work in a flexible Category Management workflow that adapts to multiple user roles, allows for flexible assortment strategy management at any level and gives the ability to define assortment tactics and target KPIs at any level or combination of product or location attributes.


Assortment Optimization

Leverage an automatically-built assortment matrix based on assortment strategy, tactics and predicted new item performance using our powerful demand-pattern recognition engine.  Optimal assortment calculations consider possible cannibalization effects, space constraints, market data or any assortment constraints that may apply.



Allocate at SKU level efficiently and accurately, across all of your channels and locations. Automate allocation recommendations through the sales cycle using AI-based forecasts, assortment plans, and item/location-based rules, seamlessly integrating with automated replenishment. Accelerate prepack allocation and automatically determine optimal prepack configurations to meet individual warehouse and store-level requirements.


Automated Size Curves

Calculating accurate size profiles is often a manual process, prone to errors and infrequently updated.  Automate and simplify all steps of this process, from data cleansing and automatically identifying size ranges (and sub-ranges) to building optimal size curves for use in planning, buying and execution.


Store Clustering

Get automatically built store clusters based on multiple combinations of criteria, including KPIs such as sales, profitability, flow, item/store attributes and space constraints.  Build and deliver highly targeted, localized assortments.