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28 September 2020

Today, we at Dataviva are launching our full suite of Planning, Optimization and Supply Chain solutions developed with retailers and for retailers of all sizes and all verticals from grocery and pharma to fashion and electronics.

What’s different about Dataviva? Normally, this is the part where I should be listing a whole bunch of AI/ML acronyms and punning about putting the AI into retail or something like that. Yes, we have lots of ML algorithms that our team has developed over many years with great retailers in challenging markets. But I don’t believe that’s enough, not just to differentiate us but to truly deliver value to retailers especially in this market, after the year we’ve all been through.

AI is not enough. Fancy math is not enough. They are tools, great tools actually, power tools that can help retail teams do a better job in half the time. But tools have to be used properly; they have to be part of a practice and a way of working that will truly make a difference. And, just as importantly, they have to be able to adapt to each retailer’s business and be deployed quickly and effectively.

That’s what we believe we’re bringing to the table. First of all, we are treating our solutions as toolboxes, not as huge pieces of software to be dropped on a retailer’s IT footprint, come what may. Every solution is modular and can be deployed to help with a specific pain point, or remixed into a new configuration to help with an urgent problem or become part of bigger, unified workflow if that’s what the end goal of the business is.

Second, we wrote our planning platform from the ground up to be service-oriented. Every tool in our kit is event-driven and can integrate with any existing software that talks JDBC or REST. In practice this means not just doing away with nightly batches but also having a true plugin capability to integrate with –and add intelligence to– any ERP system from any vendor. In weeks, not years. As a bonus, every operation can be made autonomous, with or without human oversight –hence our name: on Dataviva, your data is alive.

Last but not least, we are confident enough that our solutions will bring real, quantifiable value to our clients that we are making value delivered part of our core offer: we will prove the benefit of each solution ahead of time and we are happy to take on success-fee based projects.

If any of the above sounds interesting, by all means check out our new website for more info and, of course, get in touch.

More importantly, we built what we know business users have been clamoring for: a simple, task-based, users-first solution that tells them what issues have popped up in their supply chain and what they should do next, based on state-of-the-art forecasting and optimization. Continuously, 24/7.

That’s what we’re working on at Dataviva; and if the above sounds at all interesting, let’s talk.

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