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Health & Beauty Assortment Optimization

Health & Beauty, Pharmacy, Assortment Optimization

After multiple acquisitions, this Health & Beauty chain was operating 2500+ stores of different sizes and formats with a too-small central team to manage assortments. Dataviva Assortment Planning solution deployment led to the centralization of the assortment matrix management which allowed the Health & Beaty chain to create a high-quality analytical base for decision-making…

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Fashion Forecasting & Replenishment

Fashion, Demand Forecasting, Allocation, Replenishment

Clothing and General Merchandise divisions of one of Western Europe’s largest hypermarket chains with more than 1,500 stores used multiple applications to provide their forecasting models and a reactive order-point system to move inventory from warehouse to store. With the aim of cutting down on time to plan and execute and improve supply chain efficiency, the company implemented Dataviva’s Demand Forecasting and Allocation & Replenishment solutions.

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Hypermarket Supply Chain

Grocery, Supply Chain

This hypermarket’s supply chain was partly managed manually and partly automated, leading to a lack of synchronization across systems and departments as well as issues in Store replenishment and Distribution Center fulfillments. With Dataviva Supply Chain solution, the company was able to boost operational efficiency, centralize and synchronize their supply chain…

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