Demand Forecasting

A powerful suite of Demand Forecasting tools built for retailers and with retailers that is built specifically for the toughest retail forecasting problems. Our demand-pattern recognition engine guarantees reliable forecasts for any product, channel or location, regardless of its demand history.

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Supply Chain

Our Supply Chain solutions improve availability and turnover using optimized replenishment strategy recommendations throughout the entire supply chain using high-performance, modular and autonomous processes that continuously optimize all supply chain flows, for both short-lifecycle and hardline retailers and manufacturers.

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Price & Promotion

Our Price & Promotion suite can help retailers manage price strategically at high level and deploy optimization for the products that need it.  It leverages our real-time, event-driven platform to adjust prices dynamically as well as analyze the effects of running promotions, allowing retailers to adjust tactics and maximize ROI as soon as needed.

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Merchandise & Assortment

The Dataviva Merchandise & Assortment suite brings together advanced analytics and cutting-edge ML tools such as automated new item forecasting, automated assortment recommendations, automated item ranking, optimized size profiling, optimized store clustering into a flexible, multi-role planning workflow.

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