Optimize Sourcing & Ordering

Procurement Optimization, Supply Chain

The Problem

Shipment damage/loss, late deliveries, uncontrolled spending, price volatility are just a few of the challenges that retailers come across when managing procurement. Managing and tracking this data for multiple suppliers becomes complicated and retailers struggle to optimize their buying ROI.

How we solve it

Dataviva Procurement Optimization solution optimizes sourcing decisions based on supplier track record and market outlook, generating a procurement plan that maximizes buying ROI.

When it comes to POs, our Purchase Order Optimization solution generates optimized PO recommendations that consider order and truck constraints, further optimizing purchasing ROI.

Both solutions can plug in next to your ERP and SCP systems without substantial technology and process changes.

Dataviva Procurement & Purchasing Optimization

  • Optimizes sourcing decisions based on market outlook and supplier performance
  • Analyzes market prices, evaluates supplier competitiveness, tracks supplier reliability and capacity to deliver
  • Observes the financial terms of the purchase order negotiated with the vendor and volume-based pricing
  • Generates an achievable procurement plan and maximizes your buying ROI using an internal supplier auction
  • Generates an efficient delivery plan considering order and truck constraints
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