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Real, Open AI Solutions

Dataviva uses a complete suite of mature and proven AI tools to help you solve complex retail problems from demand forecasting to assortment recommendations and full supply chain optimization. More importantly, our algorithmic toolbox is wide open to let you add your own innovations or adopt the latest in data science.

Integrate, then Automate

Our real-time platform lets you integrate seamlessly with any system, from ERP to e-commerce and IoT, relegating nightly updates to the past. And any process can be made autonomous with or without human supervision so you can automate at your own pace and when your business teams feel confident.

Adapts and Keeps Evolving

Every single process on Dataviva is configurable and can be adapted to your needs and business model with little or no coding effort. Your changes survive any platform updates and upgrades and are reversible and auditable letting you control the evolution of your business.

Scale Way Up or Scale Down

The Dataviva platform is built for any kind of IT budget: we can scale down to mid-size retailers and on-premise installations or way, way up to Global 500 public cloud deployments. Or we can mix-and-match depending on the service level required for each business process.

Born on the Cloud, Works Anywhere

We built our platform to use the latest web-scale technologies and on a modern, service-oriented architecture. But you can still get the advantages of our platform on-premises or on a private cloud. Choose what’s best for your technology strategy, not for your vendors’.