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Optimized Order Fulfillment, Deployed in Weeks, not Years


Now that Black Friday and Cyber Week are behind us… how did your online order fulfilment go? Did you get all your orders to your customers on time? At what cost? What if you were sure they were executed as well as possible and as cheaply as possible?

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Speed and Value. No Buzzwords.

Planning Solutions, Retail Solutions, Supply Chain

Today, we at Dataviva are launching our full suite of Planning, Optimization and Supply Chain solutions developed with retailers and for retailers of all sizes and all verticals from grocery and pharma to fashion and electronics. What’s different about Dataviva?

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Efficient and Resilient Supply Chains for Everyone

Retail Solutions, Retail Solutions, Supply Chain, Supply Chain

For the past twenty years, I have designed, configured and deployed supply chain planning systems for very large retailers. Recently, more and more companies from other industries would reach out and ask for help. Companies of all shapes and sizes have been asking for more efficient and more resilient supply chains.

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