Plan your New Product Promotions Automatically

Promotion Planning & Optimization, Demand Forecasting

The Problem

Planning promotions typically involves data from several external systems and multiple teams within the organization as well as frequent updates while the promotion is running.

How we solve it

Dataviva Promotion Planning offers a powerful, low-code workflow that can adapt to any marketing, inventory and supplier collaboration process while predicting promotional performance using our demand pattern recognition approach – we pick historical products and events automatically to create a promotional forecast even for never-seen before promotions or brand new products without requiring manual ‘like item’ selection.

Our real-time platform allows for continuous monitoring of running promotions and even adjustments of pricing or inventory flows as the promotion performance becomes clearer:

  • Dataviva Promotional Demand Optimization receives sales, supplier budgets, price, promotional and other event-driven data on demand from external systems
  • The Dataviva Demand Forecasting statistical and ML/AI models continuously analyze demand features and impact factors and adapt automatically, improving accuracy and reducing workload
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