Reduce Working Capital & Inventory

Strategy Optimization, Supply Chain

The Problem

Retailers struggle with increased operational complexity end up with longer lead times and higher demand variability. Replacing SCP systems often takes years and requires massive organizational change.

How we solve it

Dataviva Strategy Optimization leverages item and location attributes and assigns an individualized Item/Location replenishment strategy that drives balanced inventory levels to reduce working capital tied up in inventory while achieving the service level goals.

This module can be overlayed on top of your existing SCP system, continuously optimizing its replenishment parameters without requiring massive rip-and-replace implementation effort.

  • Dataviva Strategy Optimization receives Sales and Inventory feeds from POS/ERP/WMS/SCP in real-time
  • A view of demand can be fed either as a demand forecast from a forecasting system or assortment plans from Excel/etc.
  • We then calculate optimized replenishment strategies
  • Users can review and approve the strategies and/or trade-offs
  • Optimized strategies are fed back to ERP/SCP
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