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Optimized Order Fulfillment

11 December 2020

Optimized Order Fulfillment, Deployed in Weeks, not Years

Now that Black Friday and Cyber Week are behind us… how did your online order fulfilment go? Did you get all your orders to your customers on time? At what cost? What if you were sure they were executed as well as possible and as cheaply as possible?

Inventory is a retailer’s largest liability.  It’s also your largest opportunity to get it right, make sales, win customer loyalty, all the positive indicators.  Inventory should be planned and placed in your channels with customer shopping habits and order fulfillment in mind.

With e-commerce, mobile devices, malls dying, and now Covid on top of it all, it’s a more complex problem than ever to get the right item at the right place at the right time and offer it to the customer to make a buying decision.

Once the customer makes a decision to buy, the ball’s in your court for how best to get the item to them.  With multiple options for channels (stores vs website), delivery (ship vs pickup in store), inventory management (stores, warehouses, fulfillment centers, drop ship), it’s a many-to-many set of options.  How do you decide?  At Dataviva, we start with the concept that routing and fulfilling customer orders should be executed in alignment with Company objectives.  Leadership should evaluate and prioritize fulfillment strategies based on what’s most important to the business, while taking customer service into consideration.

Dataviva’s goal is to provide fulfillment recommendations that minimize cost-to-serve and maximize sales & margin without compromising customer service level.  More importantly, we can plug our Fulfilment Optimization solution right next to your SCP and Order Management software; no need to “rip and replace” or “transform” your entire supply chain.  You can get optimal fulfilment path recommendations with minimal impact to your IT footprint and your business processes.

Our Supply Chain solutions can optimize routes based on multi-tiered options that support your objectives by individual product or end-customer.  Some examples:

  • If you want to increase margin, fulfill from stores with low sell thru that could be facing a markdown
  • If you want to reduce expense, fulfill from where it’s cheapest to pick, pack & ship
  • If you want to maintain high customer service, fulfill from closest / quickest location to customer

We’ve been solving these sorts of evolving problems for a long time and have both the business expertise to discover and document your strategic requirements and the technical expertise to configure the solution for tactical execution.  Results can be tracked over time and adjusted as needed, or support the next new trend to come along.  We’d love to chat with you about solving this together.